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Viento II


Wind I, Viento I, and this piece are all a memory of a wonderful time for me, my son’s birthday party, where we organized a painting session with his friends. Many of the kids had a great time, but (as kids do) many didn’t take their canvases home, so I was left with an opportunity to work with that recycled material and make it my own vision, using the inspiration of not just my mood, but the literal feeling outside that day. With the breeze as inspiration, my mind went deeper to how I feel when I don’t meditate, a storm of thoughts, a hurricane of ideas. That is Viento II, put to canvas.

The sale of this piece benefits Manu For Inclusion, half of the proceeds will go directly to the organization.

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Acrylic on Recycled Canvas


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Dimensions 12 × 9 in
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acrylic over canvas

Challenge gravity with your creativity.

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