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Why Create?

I create to enhance my calm and challenge the status quo. By reusing, instead of adding to the amount of garbage we create, I can add wonder, rather than waste, to this amazing planet. With creativity, anything is possible. My work is about rebirth, which is why each piece created is primarily made of:

Our Eco Canvas Includes

Recycled Plastic
Reused Cardboard
Repurposed Steel
All Art Created From Recycled Materials

I choose recycled materials to create beauty and awareness, simultaneously.

Manipulating items some would deem trash is what brings life to my work.

Connecting the earth to my creativity is a
source of inspiration
Working with my hands
to create visual examples
of my feelings
Painting with vibrant colors represents the many emotions we all tend to subdue
Starting with love directs my work to a place of warmth, my evolution at work

Some pieces from the gallery…

Challenge gravity with your creativity.

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