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Wind I


Wind 1, Viento I and II all relate to my son’s birthday party. When Manu was about five, we hosted a project with all the little kiddos, painting on recycled canvas. A fun birthday activity, for sure. So when the kids were finished, most didn’t bring them home, but I kept them. I held on to all the recycled canvases, knowing I wouldn’t waste them. From there, I started experimenting. With Wind I, my goal was to mimi wind, a thunderstorm, even a hurricane. At times, I feel that my mind is like that storm, swirling and changing, until I meditate to bring the calm in.

This sale of this piece benefits Manu For Inclusion, half of the proceeds will go directly to the organization.

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Acrylic on Recycled Canvas


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Dimensions 11 × 14 in
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acrylic recycle canvas

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