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Los árboles hablan – Acrylic over eco-friendly canvas (59 x 15.5 inches bubble wrap) and frame (dry cleaners hangers).

If you look closely, you can see an incomplete tree.

You can’t see all the foliage or the roots, but overall it is a tree, and it is speaking to us.

This idea came to me about two years ago when I saw some trees that were cut by the city I live in.

I wondered to myself, what and how would a tree feel, if it were a person with emotions and the ability to communicate?

We choose for them – to cut them down, to trim them, and to climb them – and they don’t shout “stop!”.

They just stay still, and let us be the “creator”.

I used different colors to express what I imagine they might be feeling: anger and sadness and a humble way to say ‘let it be’.

This is my way to invite people to respect life and our earth, this beautiful blue and green sphere that shelters us, protects us from the sun rays, and provides us food, oxygen and water.

I would like to invite you to take care of our trees, water, animals, and every human being on earth.

It can be achieved by doing simple things: recycle (read on your city’s website how to recycle well), reuse (go to goodwill and purchase clothes), and find ways to avoid single-use plastics.

Although I am making an environmental statement, Los árboles hablan is meant to be appreciated just as she is – beautiful.

I hope when you see her hanging on your wall, she brings you courage and love towards yourself, others and Mother Earth.

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