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‘El Tornado’ – Acrylic over eco-friendly canvas (30.5×26.75 in).

‘El Tornado’ symbolizes the three emotional stages that I’ve gone through during episodes of depression or anxiety.

Artworks like these that I create are color therapy for me – a powerful way to learn from my experiences, so that I can move through them faster and prevent hitting rock-bottom.
These stages are conveyed with the use of colors and technique.

In the first stage, a fierce fire of reds and oranges expresses anger. By combining these reds and oranges with blues, which expresses sadness and negative self-talk, they become the dark purples, which reveals an even deeper sadness – a downward spiral that feels like being in a tornado.

The second stage is the tornado itself, expressed by the shape and force of dark colors such as, black-reds and blues.

And in the last stage, I make a conscious effort to get out of the tornado, because it is really dark and poisonous to my body and soul if I stay there.

When I do, I feel lighter, not alone, and reconnected with my higher self. This is represented by the playful and light blues, yellows, and greens.

What I love about ‘El Tornado’ is the vibrant colors and the asymmetrical shape of the eco-canvas. In addition, I also love it because it serves as a another way of communication, from me to the world, and from me to myself.

It basically says to the world and to me: “this too shall pass” and “believe in who you truly are”.
‘El Tornado’ encapsulates all of the emotions – joy, angry, sadness, fear, and shame – expressed in an adventurous and playful way. But the best part is that it symbolize change and courage.

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